Our Story


Meet and Greet

Nicholas and Justin met in architecture school at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. After a few projects (beers) we realized we could do more than poche wall-sections together.

Starter Project

In October of 2011 we introduced the Prop laptop stand and were successfully funded (thanks to 606 Kickstarter friends ) on Kickstarter. We raised $21,597 and started making Props.


MAKE launches as a way for a group of students to aspire larger than their academic standing allowed. At the time, this was more of a creative release than a full-time commitment.

The Paper Business

In December of 2011 we launched the Vertical calendar. What started as a personal project quickly turned into a fan favorite, being featured on FAB, Uncrate and Touch of Modern.
Food Miles
The banner displays a portion of the 2005 Nebraska Land Use Map’s analysis (represented by circles). Four percent of the circles are highlighted to graphically display this outrageous comparison.

It's a Mini

This Vertical is for those who like to get up close and personal with their calendar. The Mini Vertical is small enough to fit on your desk or be pinned up in your cubicle, but big enough to catch plenty of envious stares.

Weekly, Weekly

2013 – One day at a time. The Week Plan lets you get down and dirty with your work days. With plenty of room for activities, we’ve designed a ‘planner’ that is really as simple as it looks. No months, just individual days.

Nack Studio

November 2015 we changed our name to Nack Studio. Same people, same products, better name!


September 2016 we moved to Portland, Oregon.

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