Food Miles
A big ass banner
Our submission for the Emerging Terrain’s “Stored Potential 2: Transport(ation)" directs its attention to food miles. Given the banner’s context and the proactive focus on transportation, it raises a question about local usage. What is Omaha, Nebraska’s role in global, domestic and local transportation of goods? Being a central and remote point of the United States, the role applies to each consumer whether accepted or not.

Goods that are part of a local movement are only transported 56 food miles before they reach their consumer while goods that are not, travel 1,494 food miles (96 percent farther than the former, 4 percent of the latter).
Designed in 2011
Hung in June 2012

Each banner is 20 feet wide by 80 feet tall. (That's nearly a seven story building.)

Erin Brouillette
Justin Brouillette
Nicholas Pajerski

See the silos in Omaha, NE!


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