Nack Desk

Made for comfort, organization, and looks.


Good Curves 

Sharp edges = Bad
Soft edges = Good

the Bin

Got crap on your desk? Stash it in the Bin.


Our desk is made to work with how you want to use it.


The first batch is ready for pre-order.





Solid baltic birch isn't light. It looks wonderful but you don't want a solid 3-inches of plywood. The desk is "hollow" inside,  ready for your cords, power strips, hubs, dongles, nerf guns... We don't judge.



Side Ports

Cords-in, cords-out – We love to run our headphone cord out the side. No more tangling in your chair. 


Solid Baltic Birch

We use the same, fine-grain, baltic birch plywood throughout the desk. There's no filler or nasty MDF inside.


Each Nack Desk comes with our standard Thirds-Set of Bin Lids (shown above). Made of laser-cut, edge-polished, clear matte acrylic.

The Bin

Everyone has a bunch of little things they keep at their desk. Instead of putting it on your desk, why not put it in your desk?


The Slider

Get to the center of your desk quickly. With the flick of a finger you can disconnect that charger and be off.



Sit, stand, or both


Just the Top

All the goodness of our Nack Desk sans a base (legs).




4 Legs
Height Adjustable

Sit-to-Stand Frame

Dual electric motor
Desk Height:  27.6" to 50"
Memory Handset Controller
White Finish
5 year Warranty


*Pick your base below


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Desk version 010

  • Bin:  7" wide x 18" tall
  • Slider: 18" wide x  6" tall
  • Cord Drop:
    • Center - Long: 26" wide x 0.5" tall
    • Rear - Plus (2):  1.5"ø x 3.5" wide x 0.5" tall
  • Rear Openings:  min: 10" wide x 1.9" tall
  • Side Ports (2):  1.5" wide x 1.9" tall
  • Bottom Holes (3): 1.5"ø
  • Internal Cord Space: 1.9" tall vertical



    Pre-Drilled Base Mounts

    • IKEA leg plate (5 holes each): Four corners of desk
    • Sit-to-Stand Frame: 2 holes Left & Right


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I buy a desk? Yes! Pre-orders for the first batch are happening now. Pre-order now.
    How much does it weigh? A sleight 45 lbs
    Does it come with legs? That depends, checkout our Bases section above. The Nack Desk has pre-drilled mounts for IKEA plates and our Sit-to-Stand frame and can work with many other frames and legs.
    How do the legs attach? Here's an example of how a set of IKEA legs attaches with our pre-drilled mount points.

    The Sit-to-Stand frame has similar pre-drilled mounting holes.
    Can I make a bulk order? Absolutely! Fill out our Bulk Order interest form to get started.

    Something else? See our full Desk FAQ


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