This is not a test – MAKE is now Nack

Hi there! If your browser says you are at the right place. As of Black Friday 2015, MAKE Collaboration is now Nack Studio

We've been working on rebranding for quite a while and couldn't wait any longer to share. We have matured from a group of students in 2011 who happened to have a thing to sell to a business that is focused on designing simple, smart and functional products.

For us and for the you, it’s all the same. We have the same intentions, aspirations and people. Nack is what MAKE was aspiring to be, grown-up and ready for bigger and better projects.

Over the next week or two we'll be making changes towards making Nack our name on the internet. Thanks for making it this far with us – we have some big plans to come!

Justin & Nicholas


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