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Justin Brouillette – founder, designer Justin is a founder and designer for Nack Studio.

I have a passion to produce great design regardless of scale, discipline, or constraint. My interest began with architecture but has evolved with my understanding of design. I believe that design knowledge can translate across all fields, but it takes openmindedness and diligence to try new things.

One of the founding principles of Nack is we believe it is important to constantly learn and experience what we do not already understand. I am extremely excited for the possibilities of our little company and also to be working with people who have the same (or more) zeal and creativity as I do for design.

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Nicholas Pajerski – founder, designer Nicholas is a founder and designer for Nack Studio.

We (you, me, us) are witnessing There are opportunities for our profession (talking of architecture here) to gain efficacy when integrating further than just the fringe condition of other design fields (scientific, magical, etc). I have a strong interest in exploring the line drawn by its definition squiggles that define our discipline.

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Eric Brouillette – graphics, marketing Eric is copywriter and graphic designer for Nack Studio.

I make it a priority to work with people who are passionate, talented and interested in helping others succeed.

These three criteria are applicable to nearly every area of life, and are by no means restricted to one definition. This priority of mine, a desire to collaborate, is relevant to my past, present and future as a patron of [design].

It is a way of thinking–of problem-solving rather–that is underutilized and often mistaken for other forms of 'group work'. It is the idea that Nack has built itself around, which makes the future an exciting and fascinating place.

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Erin Brouillette – designer Erin is designer for Nack Studio.

i believe in . family, friends & myself . morals, values & the golden rule.

being healthy, being outside & being a recycler .culture, traditions & the importance of history . good design, ethical design & ambitious design

i believe that . culture should always be respected . lighting is critical to design & how we perceive it . traveling far from home changes your life forever . everyone has something important to contribute . Americans have a lot to learn

i am . always looking to be part of a great design team . seeking an experience that challenges me . open to all i can learn from innovative design . optimistic for & towards architecture after this recession . a designer of many mediums

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Nick Goodwin – creative, photographer Nick is a creative that specializes among many media: videography, branding and copywriting for Nack Studio.

Passion has become trite. I blame advertising. But the root of passion is real and raw and fascinating.

It comes from the Latin verb patī, which means “”to suffer.”" Sure, you may really enjoy playing disc golf or watching foreign films or drinking expensive whiskey that an Irishman distilled in an oak barrel in 1840. But would you really suffer for those things?

I suffer for my craft. I suffer to push my peers. I suffer to be a blue-collared, sleeve-rolling, tough-knuckled Nebraska boy that won’t stop until my work is the best it can be.

I suffer to make. We all do.

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