MAKE: Our New Website

MAKE: Our New Website

Well it’s about damn time. If you had not noticed, our website had gotten pretty stale over the past few months. This was a result of many things, but we won’t bore you with the list. However, as our two products continue to pique interest, we decided it was important to house them on a site that was as functional as they were. So here it is.

the World Energy Project

MAKE fans, We would like to introduce you to the World Energy Project. The World Energy Project was started by a group of zealous University of Nebraska - Lincoln students in 2010. The group is a non-profit whose aim is to work with "communities around the world to develop sustainable energy solutions." In their first year of existence they successfully raised enough money to travel to Mali and install a solar panel array for an irrigation system.

Over the past few months, MAKE Collaboration has been working with WEP to create a new identity for their organization. 

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