We moved – digitally

It only took us several months...but version 3.0 is finally complete! It's been 17 months since copy 2.0 was finished — scary how fast things change — but we couldn’t be happier with how things look. Well...there are some items that need more attention, but that's just the nature of the beast now isn’t it. Let’s take a closer look now shall we?

Under the Hood

If you’re new to our site and haven’t had the chance to try out one of our products, now would be the time. And for good reason. It is with great pleasure that we can confidently announce the upgrade to our shop, order processing and fulfillment system. The idea was to simplify things on our end so you could get better results. We think we’ve done just that. Thanks to Shopify, Squarespace and Castle Ventures (here in Lincoln, NE), we’d like to think we have a pretty good handle on things.

Squarespace is a wonderful companion to Shopify's deft feature list. Even though we fancy ourselves designers, we can’t seem to find a good reason to hand code our own websites. Squarespace gives us a great backend platform that works very well as a foundation for our digital identity — and we believe this to be true for our friends (clients) as well. We’re more than happy to pass the security and troubleshooting buck to Squarespace and its dedicated team of engineers and developers.

Now, Design

This was a two-man operation, there is no doubt about that. Eric has been responsible for a lot of our little company’s digital representation and website design. Much, if not all of the design concept, layout and execution has come from his HTML and CSS handiwork.

A Statement

With a fresh website, more time on our hands (we've gone full-time) and exciting projects coming up, we are more than ready to take on new projects.

We want to showcase what we can do, not what we have done.

We wanted a new look, new platform and to be honest...to showcase what we can do not what we have done. So let us help you with that "I know it needs to be updated," problem that surely won't go away on its own. Whether it's furniture, branding or photography-related, we can help sort it out. Contact us, we’d love to chat.

Keep a look out for the behind the scenes look (discussion) at our design process and why we choose the style of design that we do. You'll want to jump on the bandwagon and be a member of our Latest List to get updates and potential goodies that we shell out regularly.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon.


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