MAKE: Our New Website

Well it’s about damn time. If you had not noticed, our website had gotten pretty stale over the past few months. This was a result of many things, but we won’t bore you with the list. However, as our two products continue to pique interest, we decided it was important to house them on a site that was as functional as they were. So here it is. You like? Instead of just updating the look and feel of our , this time around we are putting much more emphasis on content, presentation and process. More factory posts, project details and better depictions of process and reasoning. And while this all may not be visible to start, we did not want to wipe our slate clean and start from new. We will be updating things as we go, but our old posts and content won’t be going anywhere. It is what gave us legs and we are grateful for our progress.

Consistency, throughout everything we touch. That’s not to say that everything should look the same, but we never want to lose sight of the foundations that have guided our brand from its inception.  Hopefully, as we continue to update the site and monitor it over time, our brand vision is shared cohesively through our content and the design elements we incorporate.

Clean, functional and helpful. That's why we went for a flat design, and a responsive website (please resize your browser, it's really fun). Truth in medium, and lovely clean lines, no radius-ed corners. That’s our goal for this website, and that’s what we want to communicate to anyone stopping by.

Thanks for all the support, and enjoy and please leave comments; we enjoy a good critique.

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