Nack Studio

A New Name for Black Friday

We hope your Thanksgiving was fulfilling and joyful. Today we have a bit of news to share.

We've been working on rebranding for quite a while and are so excited to show you! We have matured from a group of students in 2011 who happened to have a thing to sell (the Prop) to a business that is focused on designing simple, smart and functional products. MAKE was a great start but we felt it was a bit confusing and also quite a mouthful.

Finding a new name is definitely harder than the first. We wanted a name that represents our current products and where we intend to go next. It also has to be much shorter than 17 letters long. The result?


Nack Studio

Nack represents a duality of product and designer in a subtle way. The root word knack feels just right in definition but a bit silly with that silent 'K.' There is also a slight bit of mystery in its generic nature and hopefully inspires investigation into what we offer.

: an ability, talent, or special skill needed to do something
1a  clever trick or stratagem
1b  clever way of doing something
2 special ready capacity that is hard to analyze or teach
3 archaic: an ingenious device;

"Studio" is a simple classic name for the artistic and academic intentions of our little business.

You shouldn't have any problems getting to our new website URL, but if so, you can use: or

Read more about our transition.  We hope you like it!

Black Friday

Let us not forget also that it is national-day-after-turkey shopping sales.

Get 30% off everything with "NACKBF” through Sunday evening.


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