MAKE: Our New Website

MAKE: Our New Website

Well it’s about damn time. If you had not noticed, our website had gotten pretty stale over the past few months. This was a result of many things, but we won’t bore you with the list. However, as our two products continue to pique interest, we decided it was important to house them on a site that was as functional as they were. So here it is.

Unboxing a Prop

Everyone loves a good unboxing video right? We hope this will help you understand what to expect before getting your Prop in the mail (soon we promise!). In other Prop news, we expect our prototype at the end of this week!  

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Emerging Terrain Mockup

Last night Erin and I went to a mock-up of the Emerging Terrain shortlisted banners. Six of the shortlisted entries were there (which is about half of the current competition shortlist). It was very impressive to see the banners up close and of course these photos don't really do the actual thing justice. 

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