MAKE Your Week Plans

A year ago, we brought out the Mini Vertical which was an iteration of our large wall calendar to a desk-sized version. Today, we are bringing out another way to organize your time: the Week Plan. The Week Plan takes it's aesthetics from the Vertical, and size from the Mini (3.6" tall by 11" wide) with bold black text for the weekdays and medium gray for the weekends. What we're most excited for is it can be used all year round; there's no "in-season" like the calendars.

Each pad comes with 60 sheets smooth of paper on a chipboard backer and glued at the top for easy rip off. Across the bottom is numbered 1 through 31 to indicate your week with a quick circle or highlighter.


The kicker is our new sticker set! Ninety stickers to indicate birthdays, anniversaries, pay-days or bills due. You can always order more too if you're really sticker happy. The Mini and Week Plan both will come with the sticker set included in the back of the tablet.

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