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We never set out to validate ourselves as designers. The Prop was not our first endeavor together but it is definitely the most acted upon idea. It was fun to solve a problem, to apply what we had learned about design from architecture school to another medium other than buildings. This was one of the truly exciting realizations, that design is just design. Another was Kickstarter, and seeing that other people wanted things we wanted too. Design that made you smile with a preference for simplicity. Occasionally though, you come to find that your thoughts and ideas unknowingly become validated. That moment you discover that other people like what you do is more than just humbling – it’s inspiring. Simply stated, we have found a sense of validation. One of the world's most successful online retailers has asked us to feature our ideas on their site:

Starting Sunday 1/13, MAKE will have a three day sale. We are excited, obviously, and yet salivating to create more and bigger. In a conversation the other day Nick and I found a joint excitement that went like this:

Nick: we need a come up
Justin: not dead... but yeah the mini or...just new
7:39 PM
Nick: new and new markets / audiences
7:43 PM
Justin: as Jay would say, "On to the next one"
Nick: :)

We like where we are at, but by no means consider it a point to stop and smell the roses. And we would be remiss not to thank you, the random passerby or the interested shopper. We are not mentioned, featured or reviewed often, but when it does happen we enjoy sharing what we have. The fact that our passion can live on long after your interaction with us – through our products – is something that we will forever be grateful for.

Justin & Nicholas

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