Desk version 010

  • Bin:  7" wide x 18" tall
  • Slider: 18" wide x  6" tall
  • Cord Drop:
    • Center - Long: 26" wide x 0.5" tall
    • Rear - Plus (2):  1.5"ø x 3.5" wide x 0.5" tall
  • Rear Openings:  min: 10" wide x 1.9" tall
  • Side Ports (2):  1.5" wide x 1.9" tall
  • Bottom Holes (3): 1.5"ø
  • Internal Cord Space: 1.9" tall vertical



    Pre-Drilled Base Mounts

    • IKEA leg plate (5 holes each): Four corners of desk
    • Sit-to-Stand Frame: 2 holes Left & Right


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I buy a desk? Yes! Pre-orders for the first batch are happening now. Pre-order now.
    How much does it weigh? A sleight 45 lbs
    Does it come with legs? That depends, checkout our Bases section above. The Nack Desk has pre-drilled mounts for IKEA plates and our Sit-to-Stand frame and can work with many other frames and legs.
    How do the legs attach? Here's an example of how a set of IKEA legs attaches with our pre-drilled mount points.

    The Sit-to-Stand frame has similar pre-drilled mounting holes.
    Can I make a bulk order? Absolutely! Fill out our Bulk Order interest form to get started.

    Something else? See our full Desk FAQ


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