Solid birch plywood isn't light. It looks wonderful but you don't want a solid 3-inches of plywood. The desk is "hollow" inside,  ready for your cords, power strips, hubs, dongles, nerf guns... We don't judge.



Side Ports

Cords-in, cords-out – We love to run our headphone cord out the side. No more tangling in your chair. 


Solid Baltic Birch

We use the same, fine-grain, birch plywood throughout the desk. There's no filler or nasty MDF inside.


Each Nack Desk comes with our standard Thirds-Set of Bin Lids (shown above). Made of laser-cut, edge-polished, clear matte acrylic.

The Bin

Everyone has a bunch of little things they keep at their desk. Instead of putting it on your desk, why not put it in your desk?


The Slider

Get to the center of your desk quickly. With the flick of a finger you can disconnect that charger and be off.


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