the Vertical

It's how calendars should be.


The Product

The Vertical is a large wall calendar that displays time in a comfortable, linear fashion. It even comes with a hang-up set to eliminate punctures. To us it’s how calendars should be.


108 Event Stickers
12 Loose Sheets
4 Magnets
4 Tacks

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Now Shipping2017 Edition

Super Magnet Hangup Set

Holes in your wall and in your calendar are a pain-in-the-arse. We came up with our own solution that uses 4 super magnets and special flat-tacks. Push in the tacks once and just swap out the sheets every month. Our customers love them!


Three at a Time

These calendars really work well next to each other. We recommend hanging a couple together.

A Splash of Color

Your 2017 Vertical comes with Event Stickers! They're really as simple as they sound. We picked a few important 'things to remember' and made helpful little stickers for you.

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