Judges Pick the Prop

The Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2011 judges have picked the Prop as their favorite! We were so excited to see this news! Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point by voting and promoting us!

Judges Comments:  

Christiane Lemieux
Founder & Creative Director

1. The Prop This is a great product. These designers have pulled the whole concept together down to the well executed packaging. The design is simple but very effective which is the hardest balance to strike. I see great commercial potential for this product. They should roll it out at apple stores all over the country.

John Berg

1. The Prop I see the prop as an essential component for the mobile office of people who live at all times an arms length away from their laptops. The design is simple, durable and true to the molded plastic material. Could the plastic be one of these new bio degradable polymers?    

Rob Forbes

1. The Prop This is my first choice. Great simple solution to a problem that frustrate all of us who have table and desk tops that get disfigured from the heat of the laptop. Very versatile. The price point is terrific. I'll but(sic) the first ones off the production line.      

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