GUP Kitchen

Lincoln, NE, USA

ANNOUNCING: The latest trend in food is coming to Lincoln,


GUP is a mobile cuisine based in Lincoln, Nebraska combining scratch cooking and local ingredients to provide a unique experience for everyone. MAKE has been working with Erik Hustad and Gabriel Lovelace for months to brand and market their exciting startup.

What is GUP? GUP, stands for Ground Up and is a concept of food and way of making it. GUP's namesake comes from the idea that you should know where your food comes from; "literally from the ground up." It also implies the reality that, everything you will eat is seasoned with hand-ground and custom-blended spices and sauces. Chef and Co-Owner, Erik Hustad studied Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Seattle and came back to start GUP with cousin and co-owner, Gabriel Lovelace. Expect these guys to bring a little excitement to the culinary scene in Lincoln.

Follow Erik and Gabe as they prepare to launch a new kind of food experience in Lincoln in the coming weeks. Look for that orange and green food trailer near you.

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